Best Home Care really has lived up to its name. We first used Best Home Care when my mom was released from the hospital after a hip replacement. The nurse was fantastic and instantly became a cherished member of our family. Now, my father-in-law needs home care and I know exactly who to call.

Because I live on the West Coast, I am unable to keep an eye on my parents the way I’d like. I heard about Best Home Care from my mom’s neighbor and immediately called. The home health aide does all of their shopping, cooking, and laundry and keeps me informed about their general wellbeing. My folks love her and I appreciate knowing they’re in good hands. I flew out last week and was even more impressed after meeting the aide in person.

Are you interested in becoming a certified home health aide? The home health aide profession is an exciting occupation in a growing industry that allows you to provide a much needed service to patients in their homes. If you’ve always wanted to help others live independently, this profession may be an excellent fit for you.

Best Home Care offers comprehensive certified home health aide training approved by the New Jersey Board of Nursing. In addition to providing this training, Best Home Care is a staffing agency in need of qualified, certified home health aides. Who better to hire than those we have trained to meet our strict standards?


Our certified home health aide training program consists of:

  • Comprehensive training covering all certification topics
  • English and Spanish classes
  • Morning and evening schedules
  • Accelerated training – course lasts from two to three week

After completing the training, you will then need to undergo a competency evaluation and complete the certification process through the New Jersey Board of Nursing. Once you have been certified by the State of New Jersey as a certified home health aide, you may be eligible for employment opportunities through Best Home Care.

Qualified candidates may apply for job openings at Best Home Care. If hired, we provide additional training at no extra charge to ensure that you are fully prepared to deliver the best home care possible.

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